MAD University, a place of higher learning for those gifted
with the kind of genius that can't be bothered with such trifles as
"The Laws of Physics" or "Moral Considerations" when
tampering with the very fabric of existance.

Galileo Von Frankenstien
Cliche': Mr. Average
Defining Characteristic: Cowardice/Low Self-Esteem
Specialty: Mad Biology/Chemistry
Description: Galileo is the youngest male of a long line of Mad Scientist and eagerly continues the family tradition. Following most closely in his brother Copernicus' footsteps, Galileo has traveled to Mad University to not only seek his sheepskin in Mad Science, but also seeking answers about the shameful secret that even his parents keep from him concerning his brother's dropping out of Mad U. and following disappearance. Although an accomplished mad scientist even surpassing his older brother in some respects, Galileo suffers from a low self image holding little confidence in himself and his achievements.
Francis Cricket
Cliche': Uber-Nerd
Defining Characteristic: Superiority complex
Specialty: Cybernetics/Robotics
Description: Francis aboslutely despises the mess and weakness of humanity, going so far as to transform as much of himself as capable to strong steel and infalliable machenery. The holy grail that still continues to elude him is the transfer of his conciousness and memories from his pink fleshy brain to the clean and precise digital medium. Having shed most of his mortal deadwood, Francis looks down on others who are not only lazy to remain in thier own decaying shells, but foolish enough as to openly embrace thier "humanity". Of course, even his steel exosuit affords him no protection from the mocking and shunning from even his fellow nerds he's had to endure his whole life. Oh, and Terra really ticks him off.
Terra Graham
Cliche': Fat Chick
Defining Characteristic: Pride/Boldness/Passion
Specialty: Physics
Description: A willful and passionate woman, Terra is quick to fury, quick to forgiveness, and quick to love. Open insults and attacks bounce off her emotional armor like raindrops, but any competitive threat to her persuit of being the best at everything draws the most personal of contempt. Possesive and protective of those close to her, Terra takes it upon herself to play den mother and chaperone guarding against anyone new until they've earned her trust and affection. Oh, and Francis really ticks her off.
Vern "Ballistic" Braun - DEAD!
Cliche': Ladies' Man
Defining Characteristic: Swankiness/Calm
Specialty: Explosives/Rockets/Missiles
Description: Ballistic is calm to a fault, considering it too much stress and effort to bother diving for cover from the many explosions he endures. Even having over eighty percent of his skin horribly burned and scarred, Ballistic retains a zen like disposition towards life and it's hardships. Although it takes quite a lot to work him up, Ballistic will go overboard when those close to him are openly threatened by others, usually doing more harm than good to protect them. His laid back confidence and the mystique afforded from covering his face in bandages all the time earns him no shortage of comely female companionship.

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