First off, my fellow Keen-peeps!
- Sporadic updates, but worth the wait. Scrubbo has a sick, morbid, wonderful sense of humor.
- All the Trouty goodness you could want conveniently gathered into one hub website.
*Babe of Mad Science= Sophie Flint
- Well written and beautifully drawn. High school is full of love and hate.
- Sporadic in updates, but still in my opinion one of the best drawn comics on the 'Spot.
- Ah, the classic "girls can be geeks too" theme. Newcomer to Keen with really good artwork.
- He's been here from the beginning, folks. Gav's story of several misadventuring science students with a focus on Nuclear Physics.
*Babes of Mad Science= Suzy Gee and Terri (If you're into hot, hot electronic raptors)
- Damned entertaining comic of a talented fool stumbling into the role of spaceship captain.
*Babes of Mad Science= Kasey the Stickle
- Chris Daily is a class act. CLASS ACT. Humor and Boobies abound in his comic.
- Magic, Martial Arts, Aliens,Gender-Swapping, Genetically Engineered Squirrel Girls.....not much you CAN'T find in this comic.
*Babes of Mad Science= Grace, Ellen, Female Tedd, most of the girls, and sometimes the guys too.
- Another newcomer with seriously awesome art. Takes plenty of interesting steps away character-wise from being your run-of-the-mill fantasy epic.
- Don't believe the little cartoonist in pink. It's nothing but naked women and red, horned penises.

- The talented Glych's webstraviganza of her own entertaining comics, as well as others such as Gun Street Girl and blogs like Reel Advice.
- Hip and Gorgeously drawn, mostly about a record store employee and all the oddballs that infest his life.
- All the comics on Blank Label are worth checking out. A few of ones I can't go a day without checking are Shortpacked, StarSlip Crisis, and Wapsi Square
*Babes of Mad Science= Jalea Bates of Melonpool, Elf and The Doctor of Schlock Mercenary, and XXXYYY the Mad Space Performance Artist of the FUTURE in Starslip Crisis*
- A Norwegian comic strip about a flighty, hard drinkin, hard partyin', heavy metal lovin' goth girl and the sane world that doesn't get her. Translated to English on the Metro website.
- Science! It Works, BITCHES!
- College roomies surviving each other, adjusting to college, and philisophical self-questioning.
- I really wish she'd update more. Great original art style and interesting comic premis (A girl working as a janitor for a strip club sells her soul to become a famous singer).
- Lesnick's lates comic opus. A girl and her lover/sidekick go adventuring in the wackiness that is Cute Town.
*Babe of Mad Science= Dr. Lucy
- I don't really know how to describe this comic, other than that I love the artist's loopy art style.
- Yup, it's furry. But it's good furry.
- Quickly coming to a close, the comic by which all mad science comics are held to in comparison (and many fail miserably). Dr. Helen Beta Narbon; she's Evil, She's Insane, She's damn Cute.
*Babes of Mad Science= Both Dr. Helen Narbons, Mel, Lovelace...pretty much every female mostly-human in here
- Phil Foglio swam upstream with this one and moved it from a regular print comic book to an online comic. What the F*** was he thining. But the entire internet is richer for having this gem free and available to everyone. Sort of steam punk with mainstream Mad Scientist archtypes (in the comic called "Sparks) running around everywhere.
*Babes of Mad Science= Agatha Heterodyne, Lucrecia....well, again, pretty much every female in here.
- The only syndicated comic strip (other than Sheldon in the newspaper that never fails to deliver the funny every day.
- Most folks are all about Randy Millholand's regular comic Something Positive, but I happen to have a small place in my heart for Midnight Macabre because the focus of it's premis is a barely-scraping-by Horror Host show. I wish there were more of those shows on today. And we could somehow reanimate Vincent Price to host them all.

Babes (and dudes) of REAL Science

Labgoats Science Blog and Podcast - My pal Petie S. explaining away concepts usually confusing to students and laymen alike. He also has a great comic, Girl/Robot and doesn't hide his love of the webcomicry in his podcasts.
Naked Under My Labcoat - How can you NOT love that title?
Sexy Science V1.0 - Educating the world on the unfortunately unsuspected sexiness of science and scientists.
Nice Shoes, Wanna Fock? - Several Sciencey people contribute to this blog.
Uncertain Principals - "True Lab Stories" is the best feature I've seen in any science blog.

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